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Jack Schauer: Press

The second track from Jack Schauer's first CD was titled "Saigon 1968." On "Mediterranean Eyes" his new disc, the second track is "Blossom Spring." As one might guess from that comparison, the local folk singer's latest effort is inspired by love existing, not love precluded. Though a bit corny in parts - nothing, meadow grass in the morning included, can properly complete a "love is like..." set-up - Schauer's 15 song CD reveals his strengths: stellar acoustic strumming, rhythm parts that incorporate global influences and no-frills lyrics that stake out a spiritual credo equally connected to lonely prairie and lefty ideals. Before he embarks on a short tour that includes stops in New York and Chicago, hear the Fargo troubadour at Ristreto Coffee & Tea.
"Rebel Soul - My Sisyphus," drips with acoustic licks, Spanish guitar fills and socially conscious lyrics channeling singer-songwriters like Pete Seeger and Phil Ochs."