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Jack Schauer: Bio

Jack Schauer is a folk-rock singer-songwriter from Fargo, North Dakota. He has resided in North Dakota his entire life and has toured extensively in the Upper Midwest area of the United States. He has produced four CD's thus far; "A Rebel's Soul," back in 2003, Mediterranean Eyes, produced in December 2006, The Homecoming, 2008, and the Quest, 2012. He is presently working on a new CD, as yet untitled. When not performing and/or touring he works as a Mental Health caseworker.

He is a songwriter for Paramount Inc. located in Nashville, TN, and has produced eight demos for Paramount, four of which have been cited on special CD's containing the best songs produced for Paramount," "Rising Stars'" compilations. He is also President of Angels of the Muse, a nonprofit organization which provides quality music to underserved populations within the Fargo-Moorhead area of North Dakota/Minnesota.